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2021 vsat

pitch competition

Congrats to the winner of the 2021 VSAT Pitch Competition: Spornado!

And congrats to the audience favorite, Grain Weevil!




Agryo: a global agriculture risk intelligence provider which enables institutions to serve the 500 million underserved farming families who have no access to financial services  

Grain Weevil: a grain bin safety and management robot that aims to improve quality of stored grain and improve farmer well-being

Seges Ag: a technology platform to eliminate pathogens and disinfect seed without delaying germination or having any negative effects on crops

Spornado: an innovative crop disease alert system that identifies crop disease in the air, long before it’s seen on crops

Congrats and thank you to all our semifinalists!

  • AgLite Solutions: a manufacturer of high-quality toolboxes for germicidal irradiation

  • Fair Fruit Exchange: a market linkage platform for dried fruits that links western consumer markets to rural producers

  • Farm Flight: a supplier of aerial imagery and data connectivity to drive agricultural efficiency

  • MAIA Aquatech: a hydroponic plant technology company aiming to rectify food insecurity

  • Mi Terro: the world’s first advanced material company that creates ocean degradable and home compostable flexible packaging materials made from agricultural waste

  • Selva Snacks: a producer of exotic tropical fruit snacks that aims to make consumers feel better by bringing a nutritious and savory snack to the market

  • Stay in Farm: an agro-tourism startup working to connect farmers, tourists, and students using a digital platform

  • Xoma: the first social impact “pulcatta” agave brand to enter the U.S. and is the smoother-tasting, more sophisticated cousin of mezcal and tequila  

Congrats to our finalists!


We are excited to announce the following judges for the Pitch Competition finals!

Judges subject to change.

Brett Brohl.jpg

Brett Brohl

Managing Partner

Bread and Butter Ventures

Mark Brooks.jpg
Natalie Cira.jpg

Mark Brooks

Investment Manager

Syngenta Corporate Ventures

Natalie Cira, T17


ReGen Ventures

Kellee James headshot

Kellee James

CEO & Founder



Prizes for the VSAT 2021 Pitch Competition include a $2,500 cash prize for first place along with one-on-one meetings with 10+ venture capitalists and a $500 cash prize for the audience favorite.


Companies must be an early-stage startup. 


Companies cannot have raised more than $500k in dilutive funding.


Annual revenue must be under $250k.


Applications are now closed.

The Semifinals took place on April 23, 2021.

The Pitch Competition Finals took place during the conference on May 6, 2021.

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